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Ice Cre'me Cone of Life Ice Cre'me Cone of Live If a man loves a woman, thats his business IF the woman loves that man, thats her business If they decide to share their quality time together reading a "Great Book", Thats my business Simply Aries "Peace" (Writer, Poet, Artiste) Ice Cre'me Cone of Life is this writers first book. I enjoyed it so much, I bought Five books to be given as Xmas Gifts. Such delightful reading, releives stress, and takes you to a place of Nostagia! Ice Cre'me Cone of Life is avalible at The reviews have been excellent! I think we can expect "Great Books" in the future, from this writer, INside Ice Cre'me Cone of Life, you experience Poetry, Short Stories, Articles of Awareness, controversy, and of course a Love Story!!! This Book made an explicite impression of all the readers, that verified a purchase, and actually read the deversity of realism inside this Book! From one advent reader to another, Read Ice Cre'me Cone of Life, available at Amazon.Com Simply Aries Of Chocola't is the Parent Company Simply Aries Peace. Writer/Author Simply Chocola't. Poet We The People Alerts Reality Show the people alerts Compliments Of The Sky Collection Art, Canvas or Film (photography).

We The People Alerts Reality Show

New Reality Show on internet Radio, We The People Alerts Reality Show Humor/Serious Conversation/Entertainment SSchedule to be announced       Advertisements

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Censorship A New Form Of Democracy

Censorship now a reality in America Democracy as we know it is beginning its last phase,  Censorship is being enforced only because a certain person wave their hand and says no more,  as if to be a father figure,  dictator … Continue reading

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We the People Alert

These facts are the reason your vote this November is so important this Nov.  2012 Unemployment Facts  12%  Hispanics,  8% White,  15% Black Beginning in 2008 to 2012 6 Million Homes are in foreclosure 45-50 Million People are on Food … Continue reading

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Cover Me a Writer, Can IFight Back

Cover Me A Writer,  Can I Fight Back??                                             Dec.  08,  2011                                               Simply Aries                                                    “Peace” Protegees,  and Emotional Interest almost always consume the logical, or rational thinking of the most Level Headed,  and Vunerable Leaders.  It can cause their Reasoning, or Judgement to … Continue reading

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Attention  All Readers: Ice Creme Cone of Life has a rating o  3, and one half stars on  This new writer says Thank You! Word Press lets help this new writer earn a 5 Star rating all you have … Continue reading

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Hello world!

Welcome to After you read this, you should delete and write your own post, with a new title above. Or hit Add New on the left (of the admin dashboard) to start a fresh post. Here are some suggestions … Continue reading

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