Censorship A New Form Of Democracy

Censorship now a reality in America
Democracy as we know it is beginning its last phase,  Censorship is being enforced only because a certain person wave their hand and says no more,  as if to be a father figure,  dictator instead of a leader,  but this is the result of the new laws being passed on Capital Hill, giving absolute power to whomever,  and without having a cause or legitimate reason to interfere with a persons civil liberties, or freedom of Speech.  The Powers that Be  impose their authority on one person to prove that they are incontroll.  This person is now an example,  this action of censorship is telling the public that anyone of you can be next,  if you freedom of Speech is not controlled.
What a dangerous preecedent,  One person with absollute power of  the internet, and how it is to used,  it starts with one,  before you know it no one will have the freedom to use the internet, or exercise their freedom of Speech.  Only websites that the Powers that Be Says  is appropriate.  Well I quess this is the future of the free society,  Censorship included.  Reserch your candidates for the next Nov. Election,  this maybe our last change to make our vote count,  if we continue the path that we are on now!  Vote logically this Nov.


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