Cover Me a Writer, Can IFight Back

Cover Me A Writer,  Can I Fight Back??
                                             Dec.  08,  2011
                                               Simply Aries

Protegees,  and Emotional Interest almost always consume the logical, or rational thinking of the most Level Headed,  and Vunerable Leaders.  It can cause their Reasoning, or Judgement to become somewhat  clouded  when expressing equivocal statements about someone their Protogees have targeted  smearing  their  Character  in order to please the Protegees or Emotional Interest.  It is always the result of Cause,  rather than Reason,  Somewhat Cresendo dont you think?

Isn’t is asttonishing how a Personal Relationship can Undermine, Distort or Change the Normal Order of Things.  An otherwise Normal issue can be Exaggerated to the point of ECCentricism!
Therefore Eccentrism can and will  sabotage , or curtail a Cause, or Reason!!!   Truly a Diversion for  any Situation.  To whom or where does you Loyality resign,  it matters not the Character, or Distinction.

Ah,  to please the Protegees,  or Emotional Interest ,  such  Power in Love,  the love of only to ask,  and it shall be done,  when only the mere gesture of asking is suffice!   Where does one Loyality resign.  Hearing the Screams,  Moans, Words of the Ordinary People,  My Soul Cried!
They were no Cause, or Reason,  They just Wasn’t!!


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